Every Thursday from 4 July to 26 September, on reservation in educational farm tour. Infoline: Consorzio Puglia in masseria tel. +39 080 3141347 - 3200121609


Departure from Peschici – Ferry Terminal Port – Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 30

  • 3:30 pm -  Meeting point for participants, who will be welcomed by a guide.
  • 4:00 pm -  departure by bus to visit the didactic farmhouses planned in the  programme.
  • 8:00 pm approx., return to Peschici, at the place of departure.



Falcare Didactic Farmhouse

ctr. Falcare

71010 Cagnano Varano (FG)

GPS coordinates:

+41° 78.03′ 36.32′’ +15° 83.32′ 72.93”

Operator: Dina Falcare

Tel. +39 08848238 – +39 3402972147



Located about 550 metres above sea level in the splendid scenery of a plateau in the heart of Gargano National Park, Masseria Falcare farmhouse has many evocative landscapes, characterised by peace and tranquillity. It favours the breeding of animals of indigenous breeds of Apulian boar, Murgese horses, Martina Franca donkeys, Podolica cows, fed exclusively with fodder and organic cereals. The farm is also a Panda farm (WWF) and thus Eco-biological.

Some proposals for activities at the farmhouse:

Adventure Park – Suspended routes at varying heights from the ground, installed on tall trees. All carried out in full safety; visitors are educated and equipped with security devices used in mountaineering;

Life Pathway – for physical fitness in the stillness and silence of nature, a equipped gymnastic path in the middle of the forest, between nature and the silence of the centuries-old beeches and oaks;

“La Montagna del Sole” (Sun Mountain) biodiversity and territory – The importance of rural areas for preserving the biodiversity of Gargano National Park. Farm visit with workshops on agricultural production.


Farm carrying out agritourism and breeding activities, with restaurant service, overnight stay and a sales point



L’Oasi Agri Cannarozzi Didactic Farmhouse

Piscina Vecchia

71010 Carpino (FG)

Operator: Michele Cannarozzi

Tel. +39 3921195508



The Cannarozzi family farm comes from an ancient tradition, on the promontory of Gargano National Park where it inherited from past generations the farmland and olive groves. Today our farm, laid out over several hectares, retains with great determination the ancient traditions, to produce the most genuine extra virgin olive oil you can bring to your table.

Some proposals for activities at the farmhouse:

Educational Workshop on the CARPINO FAVA BEAN – PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD – Visit to the sown land, explanation of the production chain, explanation of the Presidio Slow Food, culinary preparation of Fava beans and tasting.

Farm carrying out agritourism and breeding activities, with restaurant service, overnight stay and a farm sales point


To book free bus tours please contact the booking office before 1 pm on Tuesdays:

Consorzio Puglia in masseria: 0803141347 – 3200121609